Due to Awaken Being Postponed Some Tickets Have Become Available To This Previously Sold Out Event
NEW DATES - FIJI 10-15 Nov 2020
Waiting List
We absolutely loved connecting with everyone at Awaken 2019 and want you to join us in at the next one!

Awaken 2020 sold out in just 5 days.

However since being forced to postpone the event some people have had to change their travel plans. If you would like to go on the waiting list for tickets hit the button below.
2019 Recap...
Each day is packed with activities that are all included with your ticket.

One of the most spectacular trips is to Malamala; a day club complete with infinity pool, corral reefs, stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling and more. We have booked the entire island for the day and you will get $125 FJD spending money for free with your Awaken ticket.
Who is Awaken For?
Awakeners are all equal regardless of fitness level, affluence, social following, age, gender, sexuality, language or heritage. We also encourage you to avoid the topics of politics and religion for the duration of the event.

There are 4 core attributes of an Awakener. If this list resonates, then Awaken is for YOU.
Inclusion - Some people have amazing social skills, some have anxiety, some people are simply awkward and others won the genetic lottery. Awakeners go out of their way to let everyone feel the warmth of acceptance and inclusion.

Gratitude - At Awaken we will be on island time and sometimes things won't be perfect. Where others would become impatient we practice gratitude. Where others complain we practice gratitude.

Respect - Some people attending are very well known and equally deserve to enjoy their holiday without pressure. Some people are coming alone and are way outside of their comfort zone. Please give everyone their space, seek out those that are on the fringes and respond with respectful kindness in any situation where your thinking does not mesh with others.

Enliven - The highest aspiration of an Awakener is to Enliven. We seek out the awesome in others and bring attention to it. We notice the positive spark in them that has potential to become a fire and fan the flames. We call people on their bullshit, don't entertain their limiting beliefs and enliven them to live their best lives.
What is Awaken?
Awaken is a transformational experience. It is a gathering of like minded people from around the world who know how to have fun and are making better life decisions. It is not a fitness boot-camp or a typical festival. Yes the location is out of this world, yes the activities are of bucket list quality... however what makes Awaken unlike any other event is YOU.
2019 Recap...
Cloud 9 is a floating bar and club in the middle of the ocean with its own Pizzeria and famous cocktails! We will have our DJ on the decks and have an exclusive takeover of the entire boat.

You would usually pay $229 FJD to visit Cloud9 but this unique experience is FREE with your Awaken ticket + every Awakener gets $100 FJD to spend on board.
Let's bring our digital connections into the physical world.
We all use social media to connect, support, encourage and motivate each other. This has enabled friendships to develop without boarders. You all inspire me and the team so much and meeting so many in real life at Awaken 2019 was absolutely surreal.

Those that were there know that this is an event unlike any other because of YOU, because of the people. The inspired and the inspirational.

People who know how to have fun and are also making good life decisions.

Set in paradise on our own private island... Bring on Awaken 2020
- Josef Rakich
2019 Recap...
If you enjoy a bit of partying then at Awaken we have you covered. From the moment we set sail to our private island on our 98 ft catamaran, the party begins.

We are bringing in two international DJs and have party themes including; Tribal Paint, Toga, Foam and more. The parties from 2019 went down in history as some of the best nights our lives. Seriously 🤯
2019 Recap...
There are optional workouts and yoga every morning and on one of the days we hold the Awaken Games. Designed for people of any fitness level; each game allows you to contribute your intelligence, problem solving skills, fitness, coordination and team work.
Get on the waiting list while you still can.
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