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Arron O'Connor

"After 6 years and 10 surgeries, 3 lower disk bulges and 2 bone graphs and 2 neck fusions, 3 knee surgeries and right shoulder surgery and so many painkillers I was in a bad way. I was eating a lot of bad food and drinking and wasnt working and not active.

For so many years I was lost in so many ways. In 2018 I was in hospital due to mental health and wanted to just give up on life. People just didn't understand what I was going through. 

When I saw the Jrf program come I decided I needed to do something for myself and finally get my shit together not just for me but my kids who mean the world to me. 

I wish I had joined earlier but it was very hard with my injuries. But glad I did join when I did and how life has seriously changed for the best. Here I am 12 months later THANKING JOSEF and the Team for Changing my life forever. I Put in the Hard Yards and never been Happier In my life."

April Belle

"51 kilo / 114lb weight loss. I have been thinking about my life’s differences between now and before #keto recently and it blows my mind how you can have such major life changes in really a small amount of time.

12 months isn’t that long when you think about it! I found this photo of me the other day - it was taken October 28, 2018 - I had JUST started the #JRFketo plan, I was 6 days in and I went out for lunch (I was scared I wouldn’t know what to eat!) with friends and we took a group photo which I really didn’t want to be in.

Looking back now, it saddens me to be honest, this is how I was going through life. I was positive that it was “just the way it’s gonna be” - I’m the “big girl” and there was a high chance I was gonna get bigger and I had accepted that. I accepted it until I decided I no longer did.

BUILD THE LIFE YOU WANT! You will get to the goals you want to, this isn’t a quick fix or a race, this is rebuilding how you live."
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